Potter Sentenced for Embezzling from Charlevoix Co. Man

The woman accused of stealing thousands of dollars from an elderly Charlevoix County man has been sentenced after admitting to the crime. 

In January, Megan Potter was charged with five crimes including forgery and embezzling from a vulnerable adult. May 23rd, Potter pleaded guilty to embezzlement of a vulnerable adult greater than $1000 but less than $20,000. Potter agreed to pay $10,000 for restitution. 

Police say Potter was in charge of the man’s finances, and they say she used the man’s checkbook to write herself checks totaling $24,000.

A judge sentenced her to six months “jail time” and five years of probation. The prosecutor says that “jail time” will include 30 days in jail and four months on a tether. 

Potter cannot be a caregiver for any vulnerable adult in the future.