Police Out in Full Force This Holiday Weekend

With so many people in the region for the holiday, police are out in full force making sure that drivers are staying safe in their Memorial Day travels.

9&10’s Vanessa Fayz rode along with officers and has a break-down what officers are doing to keep you safe.

The Michigan State Police, Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office and Traverse City Police Department are out in full force this weekend making sure everyone is wearing seat belts, not speeding and not drinking and driving.

During a ride along with Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Wolf says they urge people to go slow and pay attention to the road.

With increased traffic this holiday weekend, it’s critical that drivers do not have any distractions while driving, and pay close attention to what’s in front of them.

“Memorial Day weekend really sets the tone for our summer driving season, our busy season, and our police officers are out looking for impaired drivers, distracted drivers, not wearing seat belts, safety things to avoid crashes.”

MSP have several state and federal grants right now that allow them to put extra patrols on the road.