Cheboygan County Sheriff Offers Boater Safety Tips

The Cheboygan County Sheriff issued some safety tips today as a reminder for boaters to be careful and use common sense.

First, wear a life jacket. 70% of boating deaths involve drowning and of those, 86% were not wearing a life jacket.

Second, double check to be sure your boat has the proper equipment, and it’s all in working order. That includes having items like life jackets, fire extinguishers and a first aid kit.

Third, as many as half of boating accidents involve alcohol. So wait until you’re home to celebrate with a drink.

Fourth, file a float plan. That gives friends and family members a detailed look at where you plan to go, in case you don’t return from your trip on time.

Keep a close eye out for what’s happening around you including when you’re in crowded waterways.

And finally, carry a marine radio or cell phone with you. Cell phones don’t always get service out on the water and a radio will help you contact the coast guard in case of emergency after such a long winter and slow start to spring, many are ready to hit the water this upcoming holiday weekend.

One of the biggest concerns is how cold the water is.

If you have any questions about boating laws, rules and regulations you can contact the Cheboygan County Marine Division at 231-627-8888.

For more tips on boat safety, head to the U.S. Coast Guard website.