Kalin’s Challenge: It’s More Than a Number

Hi Everyone!

Can you believe we’ve been on this journey together for nearly 6 months?! Where has the time gone? When we last checked in together the plateau was sticking around a bit longer than I wanted. My spirits were definitely down and I felt like I had reached a point where “I couldn’t lose any more weight.”

A magical thing happened when I stopped obsessing about what the scale says and instead focused on what I know works, I lost more weight! The days of 3-4 lbs a week are definitely gone, but chipping away at it one pound at a time is working for me.

As of today I am officially down 22 lbs since we started “Kalin’s Challenge.” It may not seem like much, but I cannot even begin to describe how much better I feel.

In high school I had two very serious knee surgeries, steadily gaining weight in college and the years since has only put more pressure on them, leading to arthritis and just a general ‘ick’ feeling in my joints. My constant ‘lethargic’ feeling is completely gone since I started working towards better health.

When we met with Dr. Friedli last week we talked about how important it is to stay focused as this stage in the game, when the scale slows down its a really opportune time to ‘quit’ and go back to life before the challenge, but that never will be an option for me. I feel too good to let this all go to waste.

Dr. Friedli reminded me how much stress and sleep play a part in the weight loss equation. Since my sleep schedule is a bit off, I’ve made it even more of a priority to get to bed earlier and sleep as much as my body wants on the weekends. Stress is an ugly thing my friends, and I feel like we all have a bit of it. But know that when we stress our bodies try to literally ‘hold on’ to everything to keep us safe. I’ve found that meditation, exercise, using my planner and trying not to ‘sweat the small stuff’ have helped (more on these below.)

Here are 5 ways I’ve been working to control my stress and relax more!
-Using my planner. I use a planner every day to prioritize my ‘to do’ list.

-Meditate. Download the “Calm” app for your smart phone, it helps me relax before bed.

-Sleep whenever I feel I need it. This is a tough one, sometimes going out with friends sounds so much better, but  I know the sleep is helping me FEEL better.

-Realize its okay to be ‘perfectly imperfect.’ I’m the first to admit when something doesn’t go exactly how I imagined I can get pretty upset, but realizing that ‘good enough’ is just fine sometimes saves a lot of stress.

-Have fun. Plan a trip, a date night, a fun excursion or anything you can look forward to. It helps keep me excited for what is ahead!

Regardless of how successful your very own challenge is going, if you are trying then pat yourself on the back. It’s not easy, and so many of you sharing your stories have helped me keep going. Please feel free to update me on your own progress below, or by emailing me directly kalinfranks@9and10news.com

Summer is officially around the corner and I can’t wait to see what ahead!