New Details on VA Department Delayed Care Investigation

The investigation into the scandal surrounding the Veterans Affairs Department is heating up.

Officials say it may be worse than originally thought.

The VA Department admits 23 patients died while waiting for care.

But, the Dayton Daily News now says that number may be much higher.

It also reports that, since 2001, the agency has paid out more than $36 million to settle at least 167 claims related to delays in treatment.

“We’ve now deployed additional staff over to the Veterans’ Administration to dig into this to find out if this is a series of isolated cases or whether this is a systemic issue that we need to address,” said Denis McDonough, White House Chief of Staff. 

The department’s under secretary, Robert Petzel, stepped down Friday.

But, critics still want secretary, Eric Shinseki, to resign.

The House will vote Wednesday on legislation that would give Shinseki more power to fire or demote administration at the agency’s medical centers.