Charlevoix City Council to Form Committee, Explore More Options for Marina Expansion

One northern Michigan city wants to expand their popular marina, but not everyone is on board.

The city of Charlevoix is trying to expand their marina on Round Lake.

They held a public hearing tonight to learn what people thought of the idea.

The debate over the marina has been going on for about three months.

Council members hoped to move forward tonight, but actually took a step back.  

“They’re looking at expanding dock a in order to allow more 50 to 80 foot docks, which would increase our revenues, and help pay back the bond issue that we had for the marina a little bit quicker,” explained the mayor of Charlevoix, Boogie Carlson.

The city council presented three different options. “A” being a 33-foot expansion, that would add one slip. Next comes “B”, which the mayor believes would be the best compromise for all. 

“That would only go out about half the distance and still net us about 8 extra slips. The payback on that would be the same in about three years, and then after that it would generate revenues for the marina between $50,000 and $70,000.”

Option “C” would be a 159-foot expansion, adding 11 slips. Many say any expansion at all is a bad idea. 

“We have to stop this expansion, we are basically converting this beautiful lake into a parking lot,” said one man who opposes the expansion.

Others believe the expansion could be beneficial. 

“Properly aligned, the use and expansion of the marina asset could positively grow and impact all aspects of our economy,” said another who supports it.

 Instead of choosing a plan, the council decided to create a committee for the marina expansion. Their job- to brainstorm more dock ideas. 

“I think that there’s a compromise to be made, I think it’d benefit everybody, our downtown business people by bringing those people in, and there’s thousands of dollars a day that are pumped into our economy from the boaters down in the marina, and I think that’s somewhere that we need to look to help increase revenues,” says Carlson

City council members want to bring others, like the Beaver Island Boat Company onto the commcommittee hear their opinions.