Frost, Low Temps an Unpleasant Surprise for Local Farmers

Dropping temperatures are not something farmers want to see.

It’s already been a difficult spring for them, and they say frost tonight won’t help an already delayed season.

They just need a break in the weather, about a week and a half’s worth of warm temperatures and a little sunshine.

But looking at this weekend’s forecast, they say that weather may be far into the future. 

“We’re spinning our tires right now. Normally, we’ve got oats in the ground, we’re starting to plant soybeans and corn,” 

At his farm in Grawn, Brent Wagner says it’s as if mother nature is playing a joke on farmers this spring. 

“She’s been a little on the ornery side this year. A lot of cold weather, a lot of wet, damp weather.”

And now frost and temperatures diving into the twenties. His fields hardly have anything planted in them, because the crops just cannot handle the weather. 

“It’s going to get cold and anything that is up, the hays, the wheat crops are up, the fruit crops are vulnerable to be froze,” Wagner explains.

It’s a cause for concern in the farming community.

“We’re getting up against the plant dates for crop insurance on when you can plant, the last plant date. It’s going to get really busy if things would straighten out, the weather would dry up, and we get a couple weeks good, nice dry weather, we could catch up or make a big indention on it, but right now it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.”

Worst case scenario? Everything gets planted later, and some crops, maybe, not at all. 

“If it gets too late to plant the corn, it’s not going to mature, there’s no use planting it, it won’t get ripe for next fall so then you’re back into, what are you going to do? Can you plant something else?” explains Wagner,  “Right now it’s a wait and see, things could change really fast in a week, if the weather would straighten out so we can start rolling. It’d make an awful difference.”

Wagner says another issue is the ground still not being warm enough to germinate.