Cherryland Humane Society Needs Half a Million Dollars or Forced to Close

The Cherryland Humane Society of Traverse City says if they don’t raise half a million dollars, the 60 animals inside will have nowhere to go.

The humane society says they’ve seen a significant downturn in donations over the past few years.

Now there’s a big financial strain.

The organization is trying to care for roughly four hundred animals each year, and pay off a mortgage that was supposed to be financed through donors.

The board says they have enough operating funds to stay open for another three to four months.

After that, they’ll be forced to close their doors after 60 years of providing animal care.

Veterinarian Dr. David Burke serves as President of the Board of Directors. He says, “Without us being here they [the public] would have to release that animal into the wild where it may or may not survive. We dont know of any other facilities that could do the job that were doing right now.”

Burke says Grand Traverse County’s animal control division, partnering veterinary offices, or other shelters can’t take on all of these animals.

Cherryland is applying for grants, and asking for suggestions on other funding options.

Anyone looking for more information can visit the Cherryland Humane Society website.