Eagle Village Raising Funds for New Facilities

A northern Michigan center that helps troubled, abused, and neglected kids wants to expand, but it’s going to cost them millions of dollars.

Eagle Village in Hersey helps kids from all over the state rehabilitate after troubling situations.

By expanding the facility, they’ll do even more than they already do, but they need generous donations first. 

 It’s Eagle Village’s mission to provide critical help to some of Michigan’s most troubled children and teenagers. Many are abused and neglected and their services are only effective in the right environment. That’s why they are building a number of new facilities to improve treatment. 

“We’re going to do a 10,000 square foot addition with a drama therapy, music therapy, and additional art rooms,” explained COO and Director of Advancement, John Ruggles.

They will also build a maintenance center to teach life-skills like balancing a check book and maintaining a home or car, as well as a place for those receiving treatment to live. 

“That healing that we want to create in their lives, so we need facilities that can help in that process so new residential homes were looking at building.”

 But all these improvements and additions won’t be cheap. 

“That total for the second phase for our capital campaign is a $5.9 million project so we need folks that get the heart of changing our youth and families and the struggles that they’re going through,” said Ruggles.

While an expensive project, Ruggles says the outcome of the improvements will be priceless. 

“We can look out there are see that 30,000 confirmed cases of abuse, neglect, that happen every year in the state of Michigan. We gotta be able to go into these families and help those kids be able to heal from that trauma and help them create a new life.”

They hope to have everything built by Spring of 2016.

If you are interested in helping, click here.