Boyne City Commissioners Vote To Remove Fluoride From City Water Supply

Fluoride is a natural chemical known to prevent tooth decay, but it will no longer be added to Boyne City tap water.

 Boyne City has been putting fluoride in their drinking water since the 70’s.

Last night city commissioners voted to stop adding it, leaving only the natural levels in the water supply

 Fluoride isn’t uncommon. It’s in your toothpaste, fruits, and often in drinking water.

But some city commissioners say it’s toxic and unmeasurable. The topic drew attention on both sides at last nights meeting.

Area dentists think good intentions led to a bad decision. They say the amount of fluoride in the water cannot harm people, and it’s an important component for healthy teeth.

Dentists say the important thing for people to think about now is home dental care and brushing often… Since the extra fluoride boost they’re used to is gone.