Sturgeon in Schools Program Helps Raise Awareness of Wildlife Preservation

Today Cheboygan Middle School said goodbye to their sturgeon, Mr. Mustache. The fish has been in the class room since October, where students watched it grow, fed it, and learned about it.

Sturgeon for Tomorrow’s Black Lake Chapter, the DNR and Michigan State University have been instrumental to the Sturgeon in Schools Program. Classrooms incorporate the sturgeon into their STEM curriculum, using math, science and creative writing to learn about the fish.

Sturgeon for Tomorrow says the program is important, because the sturgeon need people to care in order for their population to grow. Right now is an important time for the fish, and they are spawning in the Black River.

Students tagged their sturgeon, and set him free today. This fish won’t reproduce for many, many years. The goal is to put this into perspective for the students, and get them to care about preservation efforts and wildlife early on.

9&10’s Alyssa Gambla and photojournalist Erin Malone spent the day on the river to find out more about the program.