Reed City Area Public Schools Eliminate Liaison Officer Position Due to Tight Budget

Reed City Area Public Schools forced to make a tough decision after learning they simply didn’t have the money to keep their school liaison officer.

Budgets are tight, the state funding has been cut over the years. This particular year, we’ve lost a few students, dropping enrollment, so our budgets even tighter than normal.”

Superintendent Tim Webster says it was a difficult decision, but it will save the school more than $20,000.

“The liaison officer is paid out of the at-risk money and we had an audit this year, and they said you can’t pay the liaison officer, so that would have to come out of our general fund money and our general fund money is really tight right now,” Webster explained.

The decision had to be made this week, as a contract deadline of May 15th loomed. 

“We can’t wait until the fall and see what enrollment is and see what the state funding is, so we kind of had to make that decision even though it was one we really regretted making, nobody really wanted to make.”

There is a silver lining, teachers who were at risk of being laid off, are now safe. 

“When you’re making those decisions out of what you spend your general fund money on, you focus on the kids and the classrooms and the kids experience at school,” said Webster.

A dedicated liaison officer helped the sense of safety at school, and the superintendent says it’s a top priority to bring the position back. 

“As we’re able to build up our fund equity, which is a goal of ours, and then we can look at adding back some of these programs that have been kind of cut and trimmed over the years and this would obviously be one we would like to bring back.”