Family and Friends Hope to Help Hit-and-Run Victim Achieve Summer Farming Goal

A man’s summer plans came to a crashing halt thanks to a hit and run driver.

Now his friends and family are looking for some help to achieve his goal.

Scott Dumas was hit by a car while walking in the Shop-N-Save parking lot in Scottville last month.

He is now recovering at home.

Scott is a teacher at Mason County Central middle school, but also farms.

A goal of his this summer was to grow hops at his Ludington home, but his accident put that idea on the back burner.

Now his friends and family hope to turn his dream into a reality.

They are looking for a few helping hands, who have hop-knowledge, to help them this Saturday get Scott’s hops planted.

“I know we’re going to bring him out here for sure Saturday, I’d like to, it’s going to be very moving for him to see the love of this community stepping forward,” explains his friend and colleague, Phil Quinlan.

The hop-planting begins at 9 AM. If you are interested in helping out, e-mail Kathy Dumas at