More Charges For Man Accused of Animal Cruelty

An Isabella County man accused in the death of more than 70 calves is now charged for three new crimes. 

A judge charged John Montross with insurance fraud, false reporting, and improperly burying animals on Monday afternoon. The case revolves around his farm, in Deerfield Township near Mt. Pleasant. 
Police say Montross reported cattle stolen more than a year ago, but now, that’s proven to be untrue.

“We made a connection with the initial report of theft of cattle back in January 2013 to the cattle that’s been found,” said Sgt. Timothy Swanson of Isabella County Sheriffs Department.

He already faces one charge of animal cruelty.

An arrest warrant was first issued for Montross after 71 dead calves were found on his farm last month.

The sheriffs department says there could be even more charges filed.

9&10’s Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Tony Zyber spoke with police about the new charges.