Feedback at 5:00: Breastfeeding In Public

Right now, Michigan is not included on the list of 45 states that allow public breastfeeding.

Currently, there is legislation in a House committee and it does not appear to be moving.

The pending bill would give nursing moms the right to breastfeed in public.

In the last few years, some moms have been asked to leave businesses because of their actions.

Supporters say lawmakers are dragging their feet.

But lawmakers, including Representative Kevin Cotter from Mt. Pleasant, say they want to avoid writing a bill that would spark more legal issues.

One example would be if a patron complained to a manager about a breast feeding mother, and the manager asks the mother to stop, they could be sued.

On the other hand, if a patron is told there is nothing they can do, that could also stir up legal trouble.

Do you think Michigan should become a state where it’s legal to breastfeed in public?

It’s today’s Feedback at 5:00.