A Challenging Spring For Lawn Care Companies

Homeowners are turning on their sprinklers in parts of Northern Michigan as spring brings in warmer temperatures.

Lawn care companies like Double J Lawncare Plus of Cadillac have had a challenging spring.

They first had to wait until the snow was gone, which was a bit later this year. 

And for the last few weeks they’ve been turning on irrigation systems, which has been fairly steady.

“This is going good. This weather doesn’t effect us, but the lawn care side of things, it’s not looking so good right now,” said Josh Johnson of Double J Lawncare Plus.

The cool, damp weather slowed things down quite a bit this spring.

They are hoping the temperatures don’t rise too fast, because there are more yards to clean up and the grass isn’t that high yet.

Once it warms up, the grass will grow quickly and the lawn care side of the business will be going strong.