4-3 Vote Fails ‘Conditional Rezoning’ Amendment in Traverse City Neighborhood

People who live in a Traverse City neighborhood relieved tonight, four homes will not be built on one lot nearby.

Traverse City commissioners voted 4 to 3, to reject a plan to re-zone the lot that some feared would have allowed too many homes in too small of a space.

The parcel of land at West Front Street and Madison in the Slabtown neighborhood is zoned for three homes.

People who live in that neighborhood persuaded commissioners the drastic addition of four homes just wasn’t the right idea.

“I think it is a brilliant and I heard the words preservation and sustainability and I can’t think of another plan that would do that.”

Colleen Shannon’s opinion was the minority. Dozens stood up to fight for their neighborhood.

“Commercial zoning in this historical, traditional neighborhood is not appropriate,” said Mike Gaines, the president of the Slabtown Neighborhood Association.

It wasn’t just a question of whether or not the homes would fit in, but if they would be taxed differently.

“I just was wondering if the new houses will pay commercial taxes as opposed to residential taxes?” questioned Slabtown resident, Barbara Solmonson.

The voices of Slabtown residents were heard by commissioners, and those four homes will not be built this parcel of land, and it will be back to the drawing board for the developer.

“It’s over, it’s done. The developer can come back and look at a different project on that property, which by right in an R-1b zoning, he can build three houses there,” explained Jim Carruthers, Traverse City Mayor Pro Tem.

 The four homes would have been single family, one and a half story homes, with an alley off of Madison.