UPDATE: Pontiac Silverdome Falling Apart, Assets Auctioned Off

An auction featuring more than 3,000 leftover items in the Pontiac Silverdome has brought in around $500,000.

Items up for sale included end-zone turf, pretzel warmers, a boxing ring, a soccer field, flat screen televisions, and scoreboards.

The stadium’s copper wiring sold for more than $77,000 alone.

The Silverdome is the former home of the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Pistons.

The 80,000 seat venue, north of Detroit, has since fallen into disrepair.


For anyone who spent time inside the Pontiac Silverdome, a recent video may be a little hard to take in.

9&10 News alumni Alex Atwell now works in Detroit. He got to take a look inside the stadium, which is clearly falling apart.

He was the first member of the media allowed inside to see what it looks like since it closed.

Pieces of the dome litter the field, but the blue seats sit securely around it.

Those seats and other Silverdome assets are up for auction. It runs from May 12th to the 16th.

You can purchase seats now. For details on the auction, click here