Make Running Into A Community Effort

Many runners are continuing to prepare for the Bayshore Marathons and this week, the lesson was all about your “run family.”

Training with others who understand the training process can help motivate runners to do their best.

With the weeks winding down, and the race getting closer, it’s important that runners go at their own pace, to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves.

This week, many of the runners were thinking about their individual focus.

“what I’m really focusing on is just to run consistently four days a week, I’ve had a few weeks that I’ve missed, so if we can do a sort of 6 or 7 mile run in between our Tuesday and Saturday workout, and just eating well,” said Brett Campbell, Bayshore runner. 

Bayshore in Training coach Allison says, “being a runner means that you and millions of other people from all walks of life have a common bond. Training, racing, preparing, fretting, pushing bodies to the limit and beyond, and all the other amazingly fun aspects of this sport unite us all as one crazy unit. We are a worldwide family that loves and embraces sweat, adrenaline, blisters, stomach cramps, finish line bling, vomit, post run cookies, health, wellness, and above all else putting one foot in front of the other day after day chasing goals, dreams, and ambitions. Sometimes we get so caught up in numbers, statistics, and calendars that we forget to take a moment in each run to reflect on our community and how special/unique we are as a group.

“When you are out running you can do simple things to show others in our running community that you understand that we are all in this game together: Say “hello” or “good morning”, give a wave to the runner across the street, move the stick out of the trail so the next runner who goes by doesn’t trip, tell another runner “good job” as they go by, high five the person in front of you and behind you at your next race, volunteer at local running events.

“Above all else, take some time each day to remember why you do this sport, why you love this sport, and why you are proud to be a member of the running community. Remember: fast or slow, short or tall, slim or robust, 5k or ultra runner, we are all in this together. One sport, one community, one RUNfamily.”