Emmet Co. Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Murdering Her Fiance

New details tonight on an Emmet county woman accused of shooting her fiance in the head. It’s a bizarre case Northern Michigan’s news leader has been following since early March.

9&10 News was in the courtroom today as Amber Smith pleaded not guilty to the murder of Trenton Mallory. 

Deputies were called to the Levering home for a possible break-in, and the investigation quickly shifted to murder. Deputies found Mallory’s body in the couple’s ransacked home in march. 

Police arrested Smith Monday, and now she’s charged with murder.

9&10’s Alyssa Gambla and Erin Malone sat down with a life long friend of Trent, and she told us more about the spiraling events that she believes might have led to her friends death.

Maria Pelaccio says Mallory was a devoted man.But his hours spent at work, kept him in the dark on his family’s finances. 

 “He didn’t know anything. He didn’t know the house was up for foreclosure. He worked his hours he went home, loved his children loved… What he called his wife It was a down spiral and maybe that’s what set it all off… Fear, Pelaccio said.

A court affidavit shows a repossessed car, a home foreclosure and mounting debt. It also says Smith gambled away $25,000 in 15 months. Friends say mallory knew about none of it. 

“Anger has hit now. I think the reality has hit that this could have been her, and we all have had it in our minds and didn’t want to say it,” said Pelaccio

The prosecutor says he hasn’t started looking into the finances just yet, and if they may have played a role in the murder.