Staying Consistent and Continue Practicing

The Bayshore Marathon is just about one month away.

Julia Lilley started running last year, and tackled the Bayshore and Lighthouse half marathons.

She's planning to run the Bayshore half marathon again this year.

Training this week focuses on being consistent, from clothing to food choices.

The coach says runners should now have a good idea what types of food and clothing work best for them, and avoid any drastic changes.

“To focus on what we're eating our pre-race fueling. If we like to fuel during the race. If we're eating goo and chomps and drinking that kind of stuff. And at this point not to change your shoes, to try and figure out what we're wearing on race day,” said Julia. 

Trainer Allison says, “runners are creatures of habit and with race day fast approaching it is vital we stick to and don't drastically change our current healthy habits.

“Practice and 100% nail down your pre-race meals (lunch, dinner the night before and breakfast the day of) so you know there will be no gastric surprises on race morning. Along with that at this point you should be settling on a fueling strategy and practicing that as well.

“Decide on and practice in the clothing you intend to wear on race day to make sure it is comfortable, breathable, and free moving. Waiting until just before the race can lead to uncomfortable chaffing and blistering if you are not careful.

“And, do not drastically change your exercise routine or footwear at this point in training because of the injury risks these changes possess. Your training has been smooth sailing so far so keeping your routine and aspects of your daily life the same will help to ensure the smooth sailing will continue right though the finish line of your Bayshore race.”