Some Roads Still Closed Across Northern Michigan

The spring storms have caused problems for drivers. Below is a list of roads closed around Northern Michigan. Some closed roads may not be included on this list, so please drive with caution. Road conditions can change quickly. 

Northern Michigan’s News Leader will continue to update this list.

Grand Traverse County Road closures as of April 23:

Bush Road – North end is still closed.  This is a seasonal occurrence and will likely be closed until the water level subsides, potentially early May.

Mason County road closures as of April 25:

Closed – Water Issues/Water Over Roadway

Appleton Rd. South of Meisenheimer Rd.

LaSalle Road between Decker Rd and Hansen Rd

Major Rd between Tuttle Rd and Custer Rd

Morton Rd. cross of Modjeski Rd.

Closed – Damaged/Washed Out 

Beyer Rd. West of Custer Rd. (Bridge reported to be partially collapsed on south half as of 4-16-14 @2000)

East Freeman (sinkhole in front of 1150)

Hoague Rd between Alexander Rd. and LaSalle Rd.

Koenig Rd. between Custer Rd. and Stephens Rd.

Modjeski Rd. West of Quarterline Rd. 

Barrels in Place and but Passable For Emergency Vehicles Only:

Marrison Rd. between Darr Rd. and Custer Rd.

Closed for Bridge Repairs

Chauvez Road between Schwass Road and Hogenson Road (starting April 28)

Mecosta County road closures as of April 23: 

220th Ave between 21 and 22 Mile.
22 Mile east of 180th

90th Ave between 17 and 18 Mile.

Newaygo County road closures as of  April 23:

Barton Township: 16 Mi b/w Beech & Newcosta Fix wash out

Sherman Township: 32nd and Ferris Closed – culvert needs to be replaced

Sherman Township: 40th East of Ferris Closed – culvert needs to be replaced

Big Prairie Township: Cottonwood 110 yards north of 16th 

Osceola County road closures as of April 23:

22 Mile between Mackinaw Trail and 170th Ave

175th Ave bewteen 23 Mile Road and Hibma
17 Mile Road between 120th and 140th
7 Mile Road between 200th and 210th

Roscommon County road closures as of April 23:

County Road 402, a.k.a. Canoe Camp Road (west of U.S. 127) from Paddle Trail southward.

Wraco Road and Rollway Road from Old 27 eastward to Reserve Rd.

Newaygo Road and Townline Road from Wraco Road south to Rollway Road.

Wexford County road closures as of April 23:

W. 13th Street at S 33 1/2 Road