Kalkaska Couple Runs In To Help Residents Get Out Of Burning Apartment Building

As fire crews closely monitor hot spots, tenants are obviously in shock.

9&10 News spoke with a couple who ran into the burning building save those inside.

That couple, Regyna and Matthew Hickman, live in this building and could see smoke coming from this one.  

They said they immediately knew they needed to go help.

The Hickman's say they didn't see anyone leaving the apartment on fire and that's when they went in and alerted the residents to get out.  
They even helped an elderly woman into her wheelchair. They say that woman otherwise may not have made it out.
Despite putting their own lives in danger, they say they were just doing the right thing.
“It was…we were helping some lady, and it was smokey and it was hot and everything else. We didn't know what else to do but just get 'em out.”
The couple says now seeing how destroyed the apartment is, they are glad they were able to help people get out.
Coming up tonight on 9&10 News at 11:00, hear from a man who was inside this apartment building when the fire started.