Utilities Shut Off In Osceola Co. Subdivisions Due To Flood Waters

Electrical utility providers in Osceola County will shut power off to two subdivisions in Sylvan Township due to flood waters.

Utilities will be shut off in Sylvan Township in the Jeffries and Doc & Tom subdivisions for safety issues and potential long term damage to infrastructure. As many as 5 more subdivision could be affected.

At this time, about 65 to 70 homes are without power, many of them are seasonal.

The Emergency Manager says anyone living on nearby rivers could be affected.

The Evart Fire Chief says rising water, and propane tanks floating in the area prompted the decision to cut power.

Utilities will be off to these areas until flood waters have receded to safe levels to restore electricity. 

If you need long-term sheltering, please call the American Red Cross at 231-796-6562.