Three Receive Distinguished Citizen Award for Helping Trooper Paul Butterfield

After Trooper Paul Butterfield was shot in September, three complete strangers stopped to help him.

Today, they were honored for their actions.

Connie Helton, and Charles and Shannon Comstock, helped the trooper before first responders could get to the scene.

They received the Michigan State Police Distinguished Citizen Award during a ceremony at the Mason County Airport in Ludington.

“Obviously the day, on September the 9th, when Trooper Butterfield was shot, those citizens that drove by, they decided to stop and help.”

The Director of the Michigan State Police, Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue, says those three people could have just driven by, but instead they stopped.

“It means a lot to our department to know that in the final moments of Trooper Butterfield's life, there was people that were with him, and consoling him, and talking to him.”

Those people, Connie Helton, and Charles and Shannon Comstock received the Distinguished Citizen Award for their actions that night.

“It does bring back a lot of memories of a tragic time,” says Helton,  “But it does give me pride in our Michigan State Police and all of the forces that help us out, that they take the time to recognize the goodness that is out there.”

All three say they were simply just trying to do the right thing.

“It's a very humbling experience, what we did, wasn't out looking for any kind of awards or anything like that,” explains Charles Comstock, “It's what anybody that lives, and breathes, and walks should do, especially when it's someone in uniform.”

While many see them as heroes, they say the real hero is this man.

“The hero was Trooper Paul Butterfield. He's our hero, that's for sure.”