Week 10: Stretching, Preventing Injuries

It's week ten of our Countdown to the Bayshore Marathon, and this week, our runners focus on the importance of stretching and injury prevention.

With the big race just six weeks away, coaches say being proactive to prevent injuries is extremely important. 

Using foam rollers on the muscles and stretching or soaking are all ways to help keep the muscles flexible and prevent an injury during training.

Many runners say having support and a coach helps them keep these tips in mind, and improve every week. 

“It's nice having the support, it's nice having somebody to run with, it's nice having a coach to answer to. You feel bad if you don't go out and run one day, you don't skip runs.  I've done training programs before, I've run three marathons, and with a coach it's totally different,”said William Gaylord, a Bayshore trainee. 
Running Fit coach Allsion says, “The hard workouts and long miles of training can leave manner runners with achy or tired legs. Along with foam rolling to massage the muscles and stretching to relax them both ice and Epsom salt baths are great ways to relieve some of that leg tightness and fatigue.
“We are at the time in training when it is very important to be very proactive with injury prevention techniques such as soaks and stretching. The more you can do now to keep yourself healthy for race day the better.”