Northern Michigan School Looking at Pennsylvania Stabbing and Their Own Security

Schools in Northern Michigan are looking at today's stabbing, and their own security measures.

9&10 News spoke with Cadillac Public Schools about their reaction and what protocol they have in place.

Staff and students at Cadillac High School say it's scary to think a stabbing could happen at a school like theirs. The school has been upgrading and changing their security measures to keep up with different real-life school tragedies, everything they can to make sure they are ready.

“Anytime a tragedy like this happens, we will as administrative group, go over our measures and our security stuff and just make sure we have those things covered and hopefully can be proactive, so something like this would not happen in our community,” says High School principal Todd Bruggema.

“We have a ready plan in place for a lot of different scenarios and I believe we're as prepared as the neighboring districts or maybe even a little more prepared,” says Rich Giddens, the school's Homeland Security Director.

9&10's Katie Boomgaard asked what they hope to learn from the Pennsylvania stabbing.