Trooper Butterfield’s Father Reacts To Knysz Sentencing

After today's sentencing, many emotions came to the forefront for Butterfield's loved ones, and those who worked to provide justice in this case.

“There is no joy today. We've had a number of people's lives ruined that day, and we still have a void in our community.”

From day one, it was Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola's mission to make sure justice was served for Trooper Butterfield and his family.

“We stood up, and we did justice for them,” declared Spaniola.

The trooper's father, Paul Butterfield Senior, says while justice was served, it will never bring back his son.

“From the standpoint of what the court would allow the sentence to be, you have to be satisfied, but I'll never be satisfied with the death of our son.”

When asked if he felt Eric Knysz was truly remorseful, Butterfield said, “No, no, not at all. He said he didn't mean to shoot Paul. What kind of statement is that? He doesn't feel sorry. He's just a bad person, that's all he is, just a bad, evil person.”

The family says they will continue to heal day-by-day, hoping things will get easier, while clinging onto the good memories of Paul.

“What I'd say to Paul is how much we miss him, and how much I love him and I think about him all the time. He was such a good person. He's just a wonderful man. I honestly wish I was half the man he was. He was an incredible person. I miss him dearly.”


Eric Knysz's murder case leaves a lasting impact especially on those who knew Trooper Paul Butterfield.

9&10 News spoke to Paul Butterfield Sr., Trooper Butterfield's father immediately after the sentencing.

It's finally an end to a very emotional seven months.

He told 9&10 News he feels numb right now and despite Eric Knysz's life in prison without parole sentence, he will never be satisfied but is glad he is going away for life.  
 He said he didn't feel Knysz had any remorse when apologizing to him and his family Tuesday in court.  
 Trooper Butterfield's father says he and his family can now focus on the happier memories of him.
“You can't bring him back, I think about him hundreds of times a day and I probably always will,” said Paul Sr.
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