UPDATE: Cadillac Father Accused Of Child Abuse Against 7-Week-Old Baby

An unthinkable crime in Wexford County.
The prosecutor says a Cadillac man abused his 7-week-old daughter, sending her to the hospital with skull and back injuries.

Robert Endelmann was charged with first degree child abuse Friday afternoon.

Police say the baby was taken to Mercy Hospital last Friday night. She was then rushed to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital with fractures to her skull and vertebrae. She's being cared for by Child Abuse Pediatricians.
Endelmann has 3 children and those close to him say Child Protective Services has been called on him before. “I was irate because of the situation that had happened in the past, I feel that it should've been taken care of a long time ago,” says Jessica Townsend, Aunt of one of Endelmann's kids.
The Cadillac Police Department says they worked really hard at getting all their ducks in a row before making the arrest. “Some of that investigation is complicated by the fact that the victim is in Grand Rapids, as well as the parents. We had to wait for the physicians to accurately diagnose the injuries and determine a mechanism of injury,” says Lt. Todd Golnick.
Police say she is still in serious condition but is stabilized.
Tonight, the mother and Endelmann lost their rights to the baby. A judge also took away Endelmann's rights to another one of his children.
Endelmann faces life in prison if found guilty.

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