McGowan’s Menu: Buckley’s Main Street Cafe

This big green restaurant is hard to miss when you're driving through Buckley on M-37, and that's the way the new owners like it. 

Long time owner Bonnie Hackett sold the Main Street Cafe to her daughter and Lance Jewett about 5 months ago.  

But don't look for many changes.   
As John McGowan found out in this week's edition of McGowan's Menu, the last thing they want to do is mess with a good thing.
If you never remember hearing about the Main Street Cafe before, you might remember this. It's the restaurant that was moved several hundred yards down the street in Buckley, back on June 30th of 2005.   
“You know occasionally we'll have somebody that's traveling, and we have a picture on the wall on the other side of me here, and people will see that and it will spark a little bit of interest. But not so much in the local community, they're all aware of it,” says co-owner Lance.    
The Main Street Cafe does not serve alcohol, so it relies entirely on its ability to bring hungry people in, and keep them coming back.   It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lance likes to say they have a little something for everyone, and they add to the variety with regular specials.
“We try to have features and that varies. We do a stir fry. Occasionally, we'll do a fish sandwich, meatloaf, things like that. Good down home cooking.”
This is the man in the kitchen, Jeff Fisher. He's been here eight years. He learned on the fry from his sister-in-law. He came from local oil fields, but he's all-cook these days. He's proud of the Mexican side of the menu. He's working on their chicken burrito. He says the breakfast side of the menu, particularly an omelet, brings in a lot of their customers.
Jeff says, “farmers' omelet. We got hash browns, sausage, mushrooms, onions and green peppers with sausage gravy on top and then get your choice of toast.” 
But there is a star of the Main Street Cafe menu, the broasted chicken.  It's what Jeff recommends to a first time visitor to the cafe.
“Well, we clean it, and marinate it in our broaster mix. That tenderizes it, and softens it up, then we bread it and then we throw it in pressure. A broaster is pressure fried deep fryer and it cooks the chicken for 13 minutes. It comes out golden brown, and you've got your choice of wedges, mashed potatoes, or French fries. Today I'll be showing it with wedges.” 
“Every Friday, we do pizzas for the school, Buckley school. That's their treat on Friday. We make 44 pizzas for 'em.” 
Pizza is something else the Main Street Cafe has done for a long time.
“Our pizzas are large, and they have a lot of items on them.  We're well, well known for 'em and I like them personally quite a bit.  We make our own dough, we make our own sauce.  And we have a pretty expensive cheese that we put on 'em as well,” says Lance.
They also offer some specialty pizzas, and if they have the ingredients, they'll put any topping on them you want. 
Burgers, sandwiches, subs and wraps dominate the lunch menu, and Lance hopes the food and friendly service will bring you back. 
“I hope they take away a bit of a smile, that they had good food, and that they were treated kindly, and that they come back.”     
The broasted chicken is the star of the menu at the Main Street Cafe, and you can get it anytime.  It's offered all-you-can-eat Friday, Saturday and Sunday along with cod, perch and shrimp.  The Main Street Cafe is located on Main Street, that's M-37 in Buckley.  They're open Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Sunday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.