7 Million Americans Sign Up For Affordable Health Care

“We've had very angry people this morning lined up since very early and walking away with just nothing.”
Thousands of Americans were desperately trying to apply for health care before last night's deadline. Many stuck waiting in lines or being put on hold. 
The White House says more than 7 million people were on track to sign up for health care coverage as of Monday. 
But many of them faced problems. 
 The healthcare.gov website was pushed to capacity while people made their mad dash to enroll. 
 The website has been facing problems ever since it launched last October. 
 But even with the problems, the Obama Administration says the last minute registration helped them reach their target goal of 7 million. 
“It is because of the determination of the American people who so clearly demonstrated the desire for quality affordable health insurance that they would not be deterred,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said. 
Those who got stuck in Monday's backlog shouldn't worry. Everyone who attempted to enroll before the deadline, will have until the middle of this month to finish the process.