Spartan and Wolverine Fans Pack Local Bars for Some Mitten-Style March Madness

Blue and maize, green and white. Wolverine and Spartan fans have taken over local bars.

With both teams playing tonight, it was hard to find an empty seat at a number of watering holes.

The bars 9 & 10 News stopped into were jam packed with basketball fans cheering on their favorite Michigan teams, something those bars were thrilled to see.

“Definitely a different atmosphere for sure, a lot of Michigan fans, a lot of State fans.”

Go Blue, and Sparty On! At Seven Monks, they're just glad it wasn't a bar divided.

“It's a good thing the games are played at different times because people are going to be trying to get one TV on one game, another TV on the other game,” says Assistant Manager, Jared Haga.

The games falling at different times is working in everyone's favor at Dillinger's Pub and Bootlegger's.

“It's great when both teams are making a run because either time any one of them play we get a lot of people here. It's great for business all across,” says bartender Dave Millar.

So much so, Seven Monks says they're extending their closing time.

“The owners already said if the game goes past 12 to not kick anybody out, and let 'em sit and stay and watch the game.”

With a Michigan win already, they're hoping for a State win as well, guaranteeing just as much business on Sunday.

“I don't know whether my heart can handle them matching up, but it would be great for business across the State, it would be amazing for that to happen.”