Mackinac Straits Health System Making Layoffs, Cutting Hours

There's now a third hospital Northern Michigan this month to announce layoffs.

This time, 23 employees will be impacted at Mackinac Straits Health Systems. The hospital in St. Ignace says the changes will effect 8% of its work force.

It includes eliminating 15 positions, reducing hours of 8 employees, and not replacing four people who are retiring.

The hospital's President and CEO Rodney Nelson says top management will also be taking a 5% pay cut, and employee benefits are being re-structured.
The hospital says changes in health care, like the electronic records mandated by the Affordable Care Act are taking a toll on the hospital.
Now, doctors are having to learn how to use it, and the hospital has to hire someone to enter all of paper records into the system. Because the doctors are still learning the new records system, it is cutting the hospital's productivity in half.
On top of the layoffs, the hospital says it will also be eliminating other costs like valet parking.
9&10's Alyssa Gambla and photojournalist Erin Malone spoke to the hospital about the changes.