So You’re a Yooper, Eh? What Does it Mean?

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary just announced the term “Yooper” will be in its 2014 edition.

9&10's Alyssa Gambla and photojournalist Erin Malone took at trip across the bridge to hear it from the Yoopers themselves. What makes a yooper? And what's so special about being from the U. P?

We talked to all sorts of people, but everyone agreed that being a Yooper is about community.

They told us being a Yooper means being from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There are some different opinions on if one can become a Yooper, if they are born a “troll.” Yoopers told us today that anyone from below the bridge is a “troll” and every place below the bridge is also “downstate.”

They also agreed that the bumper stickers you see in the windows of cars and trucks aren't messing around. Yoopers say they are “Yooper tough,” because they can endure snow, below zero temperatures, and do it all with a smile on their face and a great attitude.