Mason Co. Mom Discovers Nude Image on Son’s School Issued iPad

A Mason County mom has a warning for parents tonight after she found a picture of a nude woman on her son's school issued iPad.

She said despite filters installed on the iPad, her six year-old was still able to access the picture.

The mom found the explicit picture on the iPad issued by the Ludington Area School District.

Like parents should, Karen Wheatley monitors her son's iPad.

But what she came upon last night is something a first grader should not be looking at.

“We discovered a bus picture, and next to that was a naked woman, completely laid out. She was very naked.”

She found this picture that we blurred out, a woman, completely nude, and saved to her son's iPad.

“I was immediately appalled,” says Wheatley, “Immediately appalled.”

So how did a six year-old access something so explicit?

“I proceeded to look through the search history, and I found the letters 'ppp.' Under that, the picture came up immediately.”

The Google app he was using blocked other pictures, but this managed to fall through the cracks.

“They're not even developed enough to understand the consequences of this type of explicit material. It's a huge concern, huge,” Wheatley explains.

The Superintendent of Ludington Area Schools says while they do have filters installed on the iPads, they aren't fool-proof. 

In a statement to 9 & 10 News, Andrea Large says, “We want a safe environment for everyone. We have seen such a positive impact on student learning. We want to make sure that students have the skills to use this tool effectively and safely.”

“I 100 percent support and back the school system, and usage of an iPad, however, please just be aware of what your children are googling or what might accidentally be pulled up,” Wheatley warns parents.

The Superintendent encourages parents to bring any concerns to them regarding the iPads.