Kalin’s Challenge – “Putting Yourself First”

Good morning friends!

13 pounds down and I'm on a roll, I really feel as if my goal isn't that lofty after all! When I enrolled at Munson's Healthy Weight Center doctors informed me that losing 40 pounds was doable and safe for me. I know I'm a long way off but each week it's closer and closer!

This week we are focusing on behaviors.

Munson Medical Center's Healthy Weight Program includes a 'behavioral therapist' who I meet with once a month. It is in these appointments that I really see how putting myself first in this equation is the best way to see results.

We are ALL busy, and often times a popular excuse is “I just don't have the time.” Trust me, I was here too. I would say I didn't have the time to eat healthy, grocery shop, work out, you name it- I had an excuse. But these excuses weren't because I'm lazy or don't want to get healthy, they are because we feel that putting ourselves first is selfish.

I have changed my entire outlook. In the beginning it was weird to do things for me, but when you reward yourself and treat yourself well- you begin to see how food is not a major part of it.

I've been seeing my friends more, taking more naps, saying 'no', crafting, buying flowers for myself and spending more time with my family than ever before. These things make me feel fulfilled, beautiful and grateful. I used to feel this way from food, because I thought doing things for me, was selfish.

Its a difficult shift, but I've found that once I take care of myself first, I am a better fiance, daughter, sister, best friend and coworker to all.

What behaviors have you been changing? What helps you stay motivated?

Here are 5 simple things I've done when it comes to behavior:

-Start saying 'no.' I can't be everywhere at once, so saying no isn't a failure, it's helping me stay organized and calm.

-Treat yourself! When I lost my first 10 pounds I bought myself a massage, with no guilt- I didn't say “I shouldn't be doing this…”

-Do what makes you happy. It's sounds so easy, but can be difficult for busy people. Make a list of things that make you happiest and try to do ONE this week!

-Don't sweat the small stuff. There will be bumps and failures. You're human!

-Remember that you aren't being selfish. Creating the best you possible makes for better relationships.

Keep your e-mails coming! They are such a great motivator for me, I love reading about all your success. I”ll be back in two weeks with another update! Feel like joining the program I'm on? More information can be found here.