Week 6: Focus On Here and Now

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for those training for the Bayshore Marathon as they are nearly half way to the big race.

Danielle Fornes has been running off and on for about 10 years and is training for the Bayshore's Half Marathon. 

This will be Danielle's second time running the Bayshore Half Marathon, but joined with the group at Running Fit this time around to enhance her training. 

This week the runners are working on focus, paying attention to their form and getting through their run.

For Danielle, that means focusing on the finish line. “I'm not worried so much about speed. For me it's just about finishing the 13.1 with a smile on my face and so at this point I think I'm right where I need to be in terms of my training.”

Trainer Alison says, “for some runners this may be the point in training when you start to lose focus from them monotony of day to day running. For others, this may be the time when the big picture and end result may seem daunting or even scary.

“The best way to combat both of these thoughts is to focus on the here and now of each run. Do not dwell on what happened last week or dread what will happen next week but focus on what you can do today to make the run at hand the best it can be.

“Not every run is a good run, but every run has something good about it. Focus on the positives of here and now and the rest of the puzzle pieces will fall in to place.”