Week 7: Work On Pacing

Runners are preparing to take on races at the Bayshore are half way through their training regimens.

This week we met Carrie Urbain, a woman who has already tackled the world of cross country ski races and is looking to add a half marathon to her accomplishments.

The Running Fit group is focusing on pacing this week, which can be hindered by the weather, but helped by a group setting. 

“I'm really excited for dry pavement and hoping to see that. Maybe that will show a faster pace because there's less ice. I think I work harder, and it's nice to meet other people that are also the same pace and have the same goals,” said Carrie.
Bayshore in Training Coach Alison says, “this week we gave our runners a pace chart to look at in order to help educate them about the timing it will take for them to reach their goals. We explained race pace vs long run pace vs tempo pace and helped runners to evaluate their training progress based on their paces.
“Being that we are at the halfway point and the roads are starting to clear off, it is really time to hunker down and focus on race goal specific and what the runners can do on each individual run to achieve their final goal.”