Benzie Commissioners to Hear Marijuana Civil Infraction Ordinance Proposal

It could be the first county in the state of Michigan to make possession of marijuana a civil infraction.

Today Benzie County Commissioners heard from the founder of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws Benzie Chapter, Rev. Steven Thompson.

Thompson and his supporters want to see an ordinance in Benzie County similar to those that exist in the cities of Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids.

Instead of facing jail time and thousands of dollars on fines, you could get a $25 ticket for being caught with a joint.

An ordinance in Benzie County would be the first county-wide ordinance in the state.

Thompson's suggestion has been put on the April 1, 2014 agenda for the commissioners' next meeting.

Chairman of the board Don Tanner says in the meantime, the board will do research of their own, potentially with legal advice, on Thompson's proposal.

Thompson says more information about his idea can be found by visiting the Benzie NORML website.