Accused Rapist, Murderer Case Continues In Kalkaska Co

Continuing coverage tonight on a decades old Northern Michigan murder.

Witnesses took the stand today in the recently re-opened case.
This afternoon, the court held a preliminary exam for Jason Ryan.

He is accused of the rape and murder of Geraldine Montgomery.

The woman was found dead in the trunk of her car on October 6, 1996 at her home in Kalkaska.

Investigators originally charged Jamie Peterson with the rape and murder but new DNA evidence puts Ryan at the scene of the crime.
One of today's witnesses included a forensic biologist who said major samples of Jason Ryan's DNA were found on Geraldine's body.
And now, the University of Michigan's Innocence Clinic has filed a motion saying Peterson was wrongfully accused in the case.
They say Peterson is mentally-impaired, and made a false confession.