Jack’s Journal: A Furry Advocate

Sometimes you just can't find the right words to help.
One Northern Michigan employee is one of the best in his field, and he can't speak one word.

Jack O'Malley takes us to a day at work with “Jeeves”.

The Children's Advocacy Center is a place where authorities work with abused children, conducting forensic interviews to help the healing.

One member of the staff has become a favorite.  He can be found napping along side his trusted partner Clinical Physiologist Amelia Siders.  

With those big eyes, soft curly hair, and his formal necktie, Jeeves does his job well.

Jeeves is a 3-year-old Havenese.  They are know to be calm and having hair not fur is less allergic.  He has free run and he knows it.  

Staff swear he knows when kids are getting off the elevator heading his way.  Lets just say Jeeves knows a lot.