Avon Protection to Bring Jobs to Cadillac Area

A local manufacturer is ramping up production for a new product line, and that means new jobs are headed to Wexford County.

Avon Protection says they are investing $1 million into the plant in Cadillac. The company is known for making a variety of products, including gear packs for firefighters.

Avon Protection plans to transfer production from a facility near Atlanta, Georgia to Cadillac. They will begin to produce a new product line of firefighter packs using state of the art technology. The move and new product line will also bring 30 new jobs to the Cadillac area.

The start of the new production line is expected to kick off in July.

9&10's Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Jacob Johnson spoke with Avon Protection and the City of Cadillac about the news.