New Substance Abuse Clinic Opens in Gaylord

Michigan Therapeutic Consultants noticed a need in the area for it's services, and now has a clinic open in Gaylord.

The clinic specializes in methadone maintenance, a medication that can help people overcome their addictions to opiates. At the clinic, people can be administered the synthetic-opiate on site, and then can leave, depending on their treatment plan.

MTC says before this location, their most North location was in Mount Pleasant. They say people would drive multiple times a week for their treatments from areas as far as the Upper Peninsula.

The clinic offers help to all kinds of substance abuse, and will bring people from a large geographic area. This worries police and the Gaylord community. People say they are afraid that people who are addicted to drugs will be driving into their community and committing crimes.

The clinic says it hopes to work together with law enforcement and the courts in the community to help battle the drug problem

9&10's Alyssa Gambla and photojournalist Erin Malone visited the clinic and have more details on their services.

For more information on the clinic call 989.732.HELP (4357) or follow this link.