Week 2: Pushing Yourself Harder With More Discipline

The Bayshore Marathon is still many months away, but trainees are stepping things up this week, literally.

Week two of training meant runners tackled what coaches call hill loops.

We met Mark Vander-Klipp, a half marathon runner looking to check 26.2 miles off his bucket list.

He hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon at the Bayshore.

He says this running group and tough hill work outs, will help him get there.

“It's forcing a lot more discipline than I would have had otherwise. The coaches push us on a regular basis to do quite a bit more than what we would have done. Speed work, skill work and pushing ourselves more consistently over long distances,” says Mark.
These are tough work outs, so good stretching is key to avoid injury.
Coaches recommend foam rollers and say these are a great part of a runner's toolkit.