Trooper Butterfield’s Father Speaks Out About His Son In Interview

Justice may be served, but family and friends' hearts are still hurting after the death of Trooper Paul Butterfield.

This week, Eric Knysz was convicted of first degree murder in the September shooting near Ludington.
Knysz will likely spend the rest of his life in prison when he is sentenced in April.
 After the conviction, the late Trooper's father, Paul Butterfield Senior, who is a retired Michigan State police officer himself, spoke with a downstate news station.
 Paul Senior and his wife Pat say the conviction will not change how empty their family feels without their son.
“I mean we've lost our son how can you ever replace that? You cant. I'd like to say it's better but it's not. Just talking to you and showing pictures. I miss him so much,” says Paul.
There are several fundraisers set up in Trooper Butterfield's honor. Follow the link posted on the left.