MDOT Director Talks Numbers, Budget Constraints

The director of the Michigan Department of Transportation was in Traverse City this afternoon to talk numbers after this rough winter.

MDOT is expecting to go over their winter maintenance budget by more than $30 million.

But this is just state highways – local road commissions are also seeing budgetary constraints.

This has already started to affect summer budgets for things like trash pick up and pot hole repairs.

Kirk Steudle, MDOT Director, says when the snow does melt, the state will likely deal with the worst break up of pavement we've ever seen, meaning pot hole repairs will take up more money than anticipated.

It's why Steudle says current legislation in Lansing that would provide $100 million in emergency road maintenance relief is badly needed.

9&10's Marisa McKay and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson sat down with Steudle to learn what Michigan residents can expect when the Spring season finally arrives.