Sarah Knysz Testifies On Day 5 of Eric Knysz Murder Trial

A taped admission and tearful testimony from an accused killer's wife.

This is continuing coverage of day five of the Eric Knysz murder trial.

The witness everyone has been waiting for finally took the stand today in Mason County. 

Eric Knysz's wife, Sarah, took the stand just before lunch and gave a vivid account of the night of the shooting.  

She had longer hair and was wearing a blue jumpsuit with shackles.

Eric Knysz is accused of murdering Trooper Paul Butterfield during a traffic stop last September. The murder trial is expected to go through the rest of this week in Ludington.

She was charged with being an accessory to the crime, and took a plea deal which included agreeing to testify against her husband.

In her testimony, Sarah said she and Eric went to sell guns that night at a bowling alley in Ludington and on the way back, Trooper Butterfield pulled them over. 
Sarah testified that Eric's license was suspended at the time and he was driving when the trooper approached the vehicle.
Sarah said Eric shot the trooper in the face and drove away.
Earlier in the day, after 9:30 a.m. Det/Sgt. Garry Green of the Michigan State Police took the stand first. His testimony began Friday and picked back up today with another recorded interview with Eric Knysz that happened on Sept. 12. 

During the recorded interview, Knysz admits to the shooting and that he had a suspended license the night he was pulled over. Knysz also talked about how he threw the shell casing, SIM card and phone out the car window after the shooting. In the recorded interview, Knysz also mentioned how his mom and wife Sarah helped in the events following the shooting. 

In addition, Knysz talked about how he stole a number of guns from his father and found someone to buy them on Craigslist. That's where he and his wife were driving from when they were pulled over by Trooper Butterfield. As far as the gun he had, he said that bad people were after him and that's why he had one in his possession that night. Knysz also mentioned using morphine the night of the shooting.

Knysz said in the recording he wanted to apologize to Trooper Butterfield's family and to his own family for his actions. 

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