Day 3 of Eric Knysz Murder Trial Underway

Day three of the Eric Knysz trooper murder trial is back in session.

Testimony picked back up around 9:40 this morning.

Knysz was again wearing a shirt, but this time no tie. He displayed the same demeanor since things started on Tuesday, timid.

A number witnesses took the stand this morning in the Eric Knysz trooper murder trial. 
Det./Sgt. David Johnson was first on the stand this morning. His testimony revealed that there was no dash camera in Trooper Paul Butterfield's vehicle. Also that only a handful of the patrol cars at the Hart Post actually have cameras. 
Next on the stand was Lake County Deputy John Bennett, who was first to go to Eric Knysz's father's house. He was checking in on a red pickup truck registered to Knysz's father, which was at the center of a “be on the lookout” bulletin after the shooting. Bennett says he was also the first to spot Tammi Spofford, Knysz's mother, driving the red pickup truck along a two track where she was stopped. 
Lake County Road Patrol Deputy Ken Kreiner followed on the stand, and described how he made his way to the vehicle where Spofford was pulled over. He stayed with the vehicle. 
All three described what was said to be a large blood stain on the driver's side of the truck. 
Lake County Sgt. Ron Brown also took the stand. Brown says he was called in to assist and made his way to the scene. He helped to protect the vehicle for evidence. 
Trooper Jeff Crofoot was first to spot Eric and Sarah Knysz in Manistee County, making their getaway after Trooper Butterfield was shot.
Trooper Crofoot testified he was dispatched to help in the case and headed towards the Wellston area. 
It was during that time he spotted Eric Knysz at the Dublin Store pumping gas into a white Grand Prix. That vehicle was reported stolen, and part of a “be on the lookout” alert to police in the area.
Trooper Crofoot says he tried to get Eric's attention and followed him in the store. Moments later Knysz ran out the back door.
The trooper followed, and says Knysz pointed a gun at him. 
“Just before I rounded the front corner I heard gunshots, I thought there was two, it could have been more, but it sounded like at least two to me,” says Trooper Crofoot.
The trooper says after that is when Trooper Steve Arendt forced Knysz to the ground and cuffed him. Sarah Knysz was cuffed moments later.

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