Seeing Is Believing: Michelle Gets LASIK

I spent all of my teen and adult life like so many others: glasses, contacts, cases, solutions.  

A hassle for sure, but better than the alternative.
I didn't make it out of bed without my glasses. I couldn't see my daughter, the road or my work without some help.
But this isn't the way it had to be.  
Dr. Brad Hochstetler is an Ophthalmologist at the Cedar Run Eye Center. He convinced me that there was a good, safe alternative, LASIK surgery.  
The procedure is done in the office and it's relatively quick.
But first the doctors have to determine if this is a good surgery for you, and the process to see if you are a candidate is very in-depth.  
Every step here is important, from measurements to pressure tests and then they dilate your eyes. The process takes less than two hours.  
Thankfully, I was perfect for the procedure.  
After the OK, patients have to be out of their contacts for two weeks before the surgery.  
And then come the questions, will it hurt? 
Dr. Hochstetler says, “there's no pain there's a little bit of pressure that you get from one of the lasers that creates a little suction on the eye, but I've never had anyone describe it as pain it's just a little pressure and nobody really remembers it the next day.”
I leave with confidence, and return a couple weeks later.  
I have to admit I was nervous the day of surgery.  
The specialists give me one final check up, and then it's time for the procedure.  The first laser does the LASIK flap takes about 20 seconds. 
With a LASIK squeeze ball gripped tight to keep my hands busy, Dr. Hochstetler moves on to the second step.  The second laser does the actual treatment under the LASIK flap and takes another 20 seconds. 
Then the flap goes down, more drops and the surgery is over.  
You can't see very well at first, and sunglasses are definitely in order.  
There is some discomfort and irritation the first day of the surgery but patients are usually seeing extremely well by the second day.
And the next day my vision was nearly 20/20 without any help.  
A month later, I was back for a check up.  
Amazing technology that's not only helped me see, but is changing how ophthalmologists treat so many of their patients.