Plane Lands Safely Near Mackinac Island

An airplane headed for Mackinac Island was forced instead to land on the ice of Lake Huron this morning.

9&10 News continues to update you on this story we've been following it all day.

The pilot of a Great Lakes airplane and six passengers took off from St. Ignace around 8:40 AM.

The engine quit and the pilot could not keep it from stalling. 

So the pilot made an emergency landing on Lake Huron about a mile and a half from Mackinac Island.
Police, fire crews and snowmobilers that happened to be in the area worked together to shuttle everyone off the ice safely.
 Michigan state police say the thickness of the ice helped make the landing much safer.
Trooper Fred Strich says, “the one passenger stated it was a very smooth landing actually softer than landing on the runway. He also stated that the pilot did an excellent job, didn't panic, just announced he was going to make an emergency landing.”

Plastic sleds were put underneath the plane's wheels and crews used snowmobiles to tow the plane off the ice and back to St. Ignace